CCW Permit Process

The initial CCW Permit Application requires the following requirements to be completed prior to the interview process.  Each permit is good for a two year period and a renewal process is required for every permit.

°  Proof of 16 hours of handgun training or a CCW course that meets the requirements of CA AB 2103

°  Complete a psychological appointment 

°  Complete a CCW Application with the Central Marin Police Authority

°  Complete and submit at least three signed letters of character reference from individuals other than                   relatives.

°  Complete a CCW Live Scan

°  Provide proof of residency within OUR jurisdiction including: a California's Drivers License, Utility Bill, Voter      Registration.

°  Submit proper payment of $20 for Live Scan

°  Submit proper payment of $93 for the Department of Justice

°  If application is approved, a proper payment of $80

Please note if your CCW packet is accepted, the background check may take up to 30 days to complete.  You will be contacted when it is completed to finalize your CCW packet.

All applicant's name, city of residence, and status of CCW are subject to California Public Records Act Request.

Please contact Records Specialist Georgina Corona should you have any questions.

Click on the link below for the 

Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms Standard Initial and Renewal Application for License to carry a Concealed Weapon

Initial CCW Application Checklist

Renewal CCW Application Checklist