CMPA Policy Manual Updated 6-3-2020

Arrest and Control POST 2016

Carotid Restraint Control Hold

Carotid Restraint Quiz

CMPA Policy Manual Updated 2-6-2020

CMPA Use of Force Job Aid

CMPA Use of Force Job Aid - Pistol

CMPA Use of Force Test

Emotional Intelligence training 2020

POST 2017 Patrol Rifle 

RADAR Operator Course Manual 

This web page complies with Penal Code section 13650.  The above documents listed are all current standards, policies, practices, operating procedures, and education and training materials of the Central Marin Police Authority.  Some investigative, tactical, and security information has been redacted in accordance with existing law.  Whenever a record is modified, updated or replaced, the old record will be removed and replaced by the most current version.  Instructional materials will be removed when they are no longer taught by the department.