Property Crimes

Property Crime
CMPA Detectives investigate are residential burglaries, commercial burglaries, auto burglaries, stolen vehicles, elder financial abuses, embezzlement, grand thefts, identity theft and fraud related types of crimes, and vandalism. Detectives analyze identified crime patterns and trends to assist the Patrol Division in the apprehension of criminals and the suppression and prevention of future property related crimes.

After review by the Support Services Corporal for solvability factors based on the preliminary investigation by a patrol officer, a case will be assigned to a detective. Once assigned a case, a detective will conduct a follow-up investigation, preparing the required investigative report with the needed evidence to lead to the successful prosecution of the identified suspect(s). Frequently, CMPA Detectives travel to different parts of the county and Bay Area to ascertain needed evidence and for the apprehension of the identified suspects.

CMPA Detectives assists members of the Patrol Division when requested to provide needed technical expertise for preliminary investigations. CMPA Detectives monitor and regularly contact known probationers, parolees, sex offenders, and other criminal offenders in CMPA jurisdiction to verify they are in compliance with the terms of their court sentencing. CMPA Detectives maintain strong liaison relationships with other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to enhance intelligence for solving crimes and preventing or suppressing future criminal activity in the Town of Corte Madera, City of Larkspur, the Town of San Anselmo, and portions of Greenbrae.