Sample Page Description
Access a list of permits and licenses all in one location.

Permits & Licensing Center
Provide all permit application names with:
  • A link to each application
  • A description of when to use the form and any special instructions, checklists, or documents needed
  • The department to contact (including a link to the department)
Please view an example table below:
Alarm Permit Application
An alarm permit is required for all residential and commercial alarm users. (City Ordinance Chapter 1.23).
Police Department
Building Permit Application
A building permit is required for any building or construction taking place.
Community Development
Business License Application
A business license is required of all businesses operating within the city limits, including temporary activities. An Out of City Contractor's Business License is required for those who do not reside in the city, but do work within the city.
Administrative Services

If you don't have special instructions or checklists associated with any permits or licenses, you may list each section by department, as follows:

Administrative Services
  • Business License Application
Community Development
  • Building Permit Application
Police Department
  • Alarm Permit Application
Module Instructions
Ideas for FAQs
Items to include in the FAQs module category for the Permits and Licensing Center would be frequently asked questions that would be beneficial for a citizen looking at this page. Examples include:
  • Do I need a permit or license for my business?
  • Who do I contact with questions about the permit application process?
  • What are the fees associated with building permit?