Alarm Permit Information 

In accordance with Larkspur City Ordinance #9.52 and Corte Madera Town Ordinance #5.20, individuals with burglary alarms are required to file an application for an alarm permit. Residents of San Anselmo are urged to provide CMPA with current contact info.

The ordinance sets minimum standards for all alarm systems installed within the Central Marin Police Authority jurisdiction. It also establishes the number of allowable false alarms, as well as fines and suspension procedures for excessive activations. Alarm responses are tabulated within the fee year of July 1 to June 30. The first five (5) false alarms are free of charge to allow you to become accustomed to the use and operation of your system. The sixth (6) through fifteenth (15) alarms will result in a billing of $50.00 per false alarm. After the fifteenth (15) alarm call the city or town may revoke the permit. If your alarm company calls back to cancel a call for service and the officer has not reached the premise, it will not be counted as a call of service.

Please complete the Alarm Permit Application and return a check for the $30.00 fee made payable to the Central Marin Police Authority. When the fee is paid, the permit issued will remain in effect for a period of three years, after which it will be renewed for a $30.00 fee.