Field Operations

department staff photo

Field Operations provides law enforcement services, responds to calls for service, and initiates most investigations.  Patrol of our communities is conducted twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.  Patrol officers operate in marked police vehicles, on mountain bicycles, and on foot.  The Traffic Division and Directed Patrol Unit are also included in Field Operations.
Program Elements 
Patrol Administration: Administration is responsible for the direct supervision and coordination of all patrol activities, including scheduling, ensuring minimum staffing levels, and coordinating special events.
Patrol Operations: Patrol is accomplished through marked police vehicles, police bicycles, and foot patrol.
Traffic Operations: The Traffic Division enforces state and local Vehicle Code laws, investigates collisions occurring in the City/Towns, responds to citizen complaints, and provides specialized traffic investigation services twenty-four hours a day for major injury and fatal collisions. 
Field Training Officer Program: This program trains newly hired officers over several months to become successful Central Marin Police Authority Police Officers.  The program is also responsible to train newly hired Cadets.  The program is overseen by the Field Training Sergeant who directly supervises the Field Training Officers.
Reserve Officer Program:  This program utilizes police academy graduates as part-time police officers.  They receive an hourly wage, but are not entitled to benefits.  Their work maintains community service at a lower cost to the City and Towns.

Police Cadet Program:  This element utilizes part-time employees to perform several non-sworn duties including front counter customer service, parking enforcement, towing abandoned vehicles on public property, and miscellaneous tasks as needed.  The Cadet program helps develop those Cadets that desire a future in law enforcement.

Evidence: This element receives, stores and releases property and evidence for all police cases. It also destroys controlled substances and firearms in accordance with State law. 
Critical Response Unit (CRU): This unit is comprised of the Special Response Team (SRT) and the Crisis Negotiations Team (CNT). 
Bicycle Patrol Program: Police Officers are deployed on mountain bicycles to patrol schools, parks, paths, open space, and special events. The bicycles are used where vehicle access is limited or a low profile is desired.