Department Email Listing

Below is a listing of all CMPA Employees and their contact information.  

The following information should be used for follow-up only. Should you have a new incident or concern, please call Police Dispatch at 415-927-5150. If you have an emergency, please dial 911. 

For your convenience, you can click on the blue email link to send an email directly to the employee.  

Name Title Email Address

Michael Norton Chief of Police
Hamid Khalili Captain
Theo Mainaris Lieutenant
Mike Legan Lieutenant
Paul Barrolaza Sergeant
Grady Joseph Sergeant
Tobias Miller Sergeant
Alberto Dueñas Sergeant
Robert French Sergeant
Jenna McVeigh
Zaneta Feleo Professional Staff Supervisor

 Mark Reischel Corporal

 Sean Kerr Corporal
Michael Mejia Corporal
Vera Hicks Corporal
Scott Niklewicz
 Enrique Lopez
 Cheryl Paris
Scott McKenna School Resource Officer
Joel Heaps Officer
Christopher Walker Officer
Jared Boss Officer
Stefan Barday Officer
Cynthia Keast Officer
Olivia Likens Officer
Sean Fahy Officer
 Kevin Sinnott Officer
Jose Vega Officer
Charlene Cunningham Officer
Juliana Drocco

 Jeff Peterson Officer
 Josh Hamilton Officer

Tim Rich Officer
Joseph Lee Officer
 Keith Boyd Officer

Robert Scalercio Officer

Sherri Tucker Professional Staff
Dana Unruh Professional Staff
 Teri Thompson Professional Staff

Erica Galvan
Property Technician
 Margo Rohrbacher
Public Information Officer
Wayne Cooper Reserve Officer
 Patty Monge
Reserve Officer
David Ruiz Cadet
 Michaeala Bagley Cadet
Kevin Sagar Cadet
Kebin Reyes Cadet